What Should I Choose For The Finish On My Sign?

When it comes to choosing the final cost of finish for your wood sign, there are a couple of options that we offer. 

The first option is of course to choose the color of stain you want, or even no stain at all if you don’t want stain or want to stain the sign yourself. 

You can choose to have No extra finish added to your sign such as the waterproofing coat or the gloss finish. 

Do I need either water proofing coat or the gloss finish?
You will need the waterproofing coat if your sign or wood item is going to be exposed to any kind of moisture you do want to choose to have us add that waterproof coat that will protect the engraved area of your item. No waterproofing coat lasts forever and it is best that you reapply a coat of waterproofing every few years to help make the wood last for a very long time. 

Does waterproofing make the wood look differently? No it doesn’t, it dries clear. 

Do I need a gloss coat? 
Having us add a gloss coat is totally up to you, but you do not need waterproofing and a gloss coat as you can only do one or the other. The gloss coat will indeed help protect the sign from moisture, but it will also add a little bit of a shine to your sign. It will add a glossy look to the sign and help protect against moisture.