Welcome to our FAQ page. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers to common questions our customers may have. If you do not see the answer you are looking for below, please do contact us - we are happy to help! Click Here To Contact Us

Do different designs cost different prices?

The simple answer is no! Our signs cost is based upon the size of the sign you choose. We can make almost any design for you that is included in the cost of the size of the sign you choose. The only things that cost extra are add-ons such as waterproofing, gloss, etc.

Can my sign be outside?

If you are going to have your sign outside, please either choose our option to add a waterproof coat to your sign, if not - make sure to add some kind of waterproofing seal to the sign when you get it, before it is placed outside. Waterseal should be reapplied to your sign every 1 to 3 years, you can purchase this from your local hardware store and it is a simple do it yourself.

What Kind Of Images Can Be Engraved?

We do laser engraving, which means the design is burned into the wood permanently, no ink is used. When thinking about if your image will work, just think that a laser burns the design, therefore the entire design will be black and white. The design will be burned black into the wood, and whatever is not burned will be the wood color/stain color you choose. If you want some kind of image included in your design, you can search for high-resolution images on google and adding the word "silhouette" to your search. That way you will find images that are already black and you will know exactly how it will turn out once it is engraved.

What Kind Of Fonts Do You Have?

Visit our personal favorite fonts list page called font selection! The great thing we get complimented on often that makes us stand out in the crown of custom items is that we really do not have any limits when it comes to fonts. We use photoshop to make these designs, so we can use any standard font file. We do however recommend that you use a font from our personal favorite list, these are fonts that we have used many times and we know they turn out well when engraved. Please visit this page WEAVER CUSTOM ENGRAVINGS FONTS

Why Should I Purchase One Of These Signs?

These signs are all made with great love and care here at our family farm! Each sign will be 100% unique to your desire! You let us know what you would like to have on your sign. Your order includes your design text + clipart if needed we will put together, the actual laser engraving job, your sign being sanded to have a smooth finish and smooth edges, and finally your sign will be stained a beautiful light stained color! When you get your sign, it will be completely ready for you to use in whatever way you want to use it. Our signs are engraved on REAL pine or whitewood boards! Sizes The EXTRA LARGE signs are 24" inches X 19" inches. The LARGE sign is about 16" inches X 12" inches in size. The MEDIUM sign is about 12" inches X 8" inches in size. The SMALL sign is about 7" inches X 5" inches.

What If I Have My Own Design?

If you have your own design, we can use it to engrave your custom sign! Please make sure your design is in the same shape as the size of the sign you are ordering so that it fits well. You can give us the design in any popular image format such as PNG or JPEG. Please make sure that your design is very high quality so that your sign ends up with a nice high-quality engraving. What Stain & Color options do we have? All colors are included in the price of the sign! Our signs are stained with any of the following colors that you choose from the list. Stain colors: 1. Dark Walnut (Dark Brown Color) 2. Vintage Aqua (Vintage Light Blue Color) 3. American Walnut (Red/Brown Color) 4. Grey (Weathered Grey) Old Barn Wood Look 5. Colonial Maple (Very Light Natural Wood Color) NOTE: Please keep in mind when requesting dark stain colors - the darker the stain, the harder it will be to see the laser engraved area of the sign. Lasers engrave (burn) black in color, so if you choose a super dark brown color of paint/stain - it will be harder to see the engraved area.

How Many Letters Can Fit?

When considering how many letters/number/etc will fit, greatly depends on the item itself and its size. We can technically fit any amount of letters on any size of any product, however there comes a place where you must draw the line between the text being to small to see very easily. The best way to visualize this, is to visit some of our sign products, and you can see on average how big the words are compared to how many text/images are on the sign. If you want our opinion on this, we will happily review what you are wanting on your product before you order if you just ask us. We want your product to look great as much as you!

Are all of our items handmade?

That depends on the specific product. Some of our items are made from scratch by us, and some things are made by other companies where we buy the product from them, then we engrave it for you, then package it back up and send to you! Some of our items such as our custom wood signs are made from scratch! Our signs for example are purchased as a basic board, then handled, cut to size, sanded multiple times, engraved, stained/finished, then packaged up safely to send to you.

How Long Does It Take To Get My Sign?

The time it takes to make your custom product can vary. During busy times of the year such as around Christmas, it can be quite a few weeks. Other times of the year 2-4 weeks is considered average from your order date to us getting your order into the mail. Please keep in mind we have no control over the speed of the mail, but we choose the best option to send your sign to you.