Who Are We? We Make Personalized Engraved Items

So, who in the world are we? We are a small family ran business that makes custom handmade items & personalized things just for you! We make wood signs, personalized leather wallets, customized kitchenware items, custom gloves, personalized belts, personalized leather bibles & so much more!  

Years ago when we got our very first laser engraver, it was one we built from total scratch with no directions. It tools many hours to accomplish this task. It started off as an adventure just so I could make a custom wood sign for my home that I could not find anywhere else out there! 

Well, fast forward to today, we now have multiple machines (that we hand built, with our own blood, sweat, tears & lots of frustration) But here we are. Everyday there is something new we need to learn to be able to serve our customers like you best. For example, our laser engraved signs we offer, we are constantly trying to figure out how we can improve the quality of the wood by always looking for better suppliers, looking for better stain options that provide a better look, the best ways to give the most high quality engraving possible, & all of this on top of constantly upgrading our machines or fixing a part that wears out - since we built these machines ourself, no one is going to come fix them for us, if we don’t fix it ourselves, it won’t get fixed period! 
We have really put our heart and soul into growing this business from what started as a hobby, then led to creating thousands of items for thousands of customers across the United States. Something that will always make us stick out in the crowd is we never expect you to hang out on hold with listening to some cheesy elevator music, or expect you to have a chat with robots. When you contact us you will get a real person every time, and not just someone, you will be speaking directly to one of the owners.  We talk to our customers, we built the machines, we make the designs, we complete your product for you from the start to the finish. 

Even though we started off as having a love for making our personalized wooden signs, we have since grew to engraving quite a few other things such as our laser engraved leather bibles (which make a great gift) to our customized leather gloves, & so much more. We strive to give you quality customized items at the best possible price possible! 
When you purchase from us you are not buying a CEO another yacht, or a 7th vacation house on an island somewhere. When you purchased from us you are supporting our family. You are allowing us to work for you to get what you want, but you are helping us with our dreams and goals, helping our food on our table, help us to constant upgrade and improve business, helping us buy clothes, toys etc for our little boy & so much more. This is a full time business for our family and we take great pride in our work. We will respect you and give you the best service possible! We look forward to helping you!
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