What Font Options Are Available?

With us, the font options are nearly endless! This is one important thing that sets us apart from others. Most want you to choose from a small selection of fonts to make the job easier, that is not what we are about here at Weaver Custom Engravings. We want you to get the sign you REALLY WANT, not a design that you just accept. We use graphic designing software to make all of our designs so we can use any font that is compatible with Windows. To make sure we get the correct font for you order, when you place your order, please make sure to be very clear with your directions. Make sure to include the direct link to the font as well as the font name so we can confirm that is the font you do want. 

Something to keep in is, with very thin hard to read fonts, will be the same or worse engraved onto wood. They will be very hard to read. Try choosing clear fonts that are easy to read. 

A great website to choose a font from for us to use is 1001FreeFonts