Custom Engraved Signs

What Size Should I Choose? 
You can choose any size of sign you would like. Something to keep is mind is the larger the sign size, the larger the engraving can be. If you have a sign with alot of text, small signs might make the text hard to read due to the text having to be smaller for it all to fit.  
Do I Need A Finish? 
We offer two different kinds of Finish for our wood signs. One is a waterproof coat, the waterproof coat will help protect your sign from moisture and dries totally clear and is not visible. Our Gloss coat protects the sign as well as it gives is a shiny, gloss almost glass like appearance to your sign. Neither finish is something you have to purchase extra, but they are options you can have added if you choose.  
What Stain Options Do We Have? 
Stain comes included in your sign purchase. You can however choose to have no stain added which will leave the natural wood appearance or allow you to stain it yourself. Our stain options may vary from time to time but we always try to offer a few different color tints to help give good options for your sign. If you look at all the example images you will find a "Stain Chart" that gives an example of all the stain colors we offer. 
Is There A Word Limit? 
There is no exact count word limit for our signs, but you do need to keep in mind that the more art/text you want on your sign, the smaller it will all need to be to fit. If you have to much text for the size of sign you order, we will contact you and let you know if its not going to work. 
Can you engrave my own design? 
Absolutely! Your own design is always welcome. Please make sure when sending us a design that it will all look good in black and white, and that the image is large and high quality so it will look great when we engrave it. Poor low quality images lead to sad looking engravings. Please attatch your design with your order when you place your order, or send us your design after you order. You can email your design to Please make sure to include your name and order number. If you are not sure if the design you have will work, feel free to contact us via email or our facebook page and we will look at your image before you order to make sure it will work out good 
Can we engrave REAL images? 
We have done a few real images before, depending on the circumstances, however, they typically do not turn out well. When choosing art or images for us to engrave, they need to be high quality and prefer them to be in all black and white (no grey or color) that way you can tell EXACTLY how it will look when it is engraved. Keep in mind that a laser is either burning or not burning. When the laser burns into wood that will always be black, when the laser does not burn that will leave the plain wood color/stain you choose. We cannot engrave any color 
Can we engrave in color? 
We cannot engrave anything in color. Only black and white. Our laser machines burn the design into the wood which makes the design all black.  
What Kind Of Fonts Do You Have?

Visit our personal favorite fonts list page called font selection! The great thing we get complimented on often that makes us stand out in the crown of custom items is that we really do not have any limits when it comes to fonts. We use photoshop to make these designs, so we can use any standard font file. We do however recommend that you use a font from our personal favorite list, these are fonts that we have used many times and we know they turn out well when engraved. Please visit this page WEAVER CUSTOM ENGRAVINGS FONTS

How Long Does It Take To Get My Custom Sign?
The time it takes to make your custom product can vary. During busy times of the year such as around Christmas, it can be a few weeks. Other times of the year 1 to 2 weeks is considered average from your order date to us getting your order into the mail. Please keep in mind we have no control over the speed of the mail, but we choose the best option to send your sign to you.