Custom Belts

How Do I Choose The Correct Size?  

You can choose the correct belt size by knowing the waist size of the person you are purchasing the belt for. The belt itself will be 2” larger than the waist size so it has enough length to wrap around and hook. If the waist size is 40” then the belt will be 42” that two inches is needed for the belt to loop and hook. When in doubt, buy a size larger than you think. Better a little long than to short. 

Where Is The Engraving Placed? 

By default we always do the laser engraving as a message on the inside of the belt. We only engraved the outside of the belt with special requests. It also has to do with how long the belt is compared to how long our machine is, with some outside engravings the engraving would not be perfectly in the middle due to length so that is something to consider. When the message is inside the belt center or not will not matter typically. 

Can I Choose A Font? 

You can choose a font if you would like to - by default we will use a cursive font similar to what is shown in the same images of past custom engravings. When it comes to engraving leather, fonts that are more "thin" and not "thick" come out looking the best, so that is something to keep in mind when choosing your own font. If you do choose a font, please add it in your order notes. We will need the name of the font and a direct link to that font. 

Is There A Word Limit?

We do not have a set word limit, however keep in mind the more words you want engraved - the smaller each word will need to be to fit. If you keep your custom engraving text to about a sentence in length, it will fit and be full size and easier to read.