Why We Take Personalization Personally

Why We Take Personalization Personally

What do you buy the person who has, if not exactly everything, then pretty much what they need, at any time, with a handful of swipes and touches of their smartphone? In an era where the majority of standard purchases can be made online - from almost any bestselling book you can think of to package holidays around the globe - it was perhaps inevitable that, paradoxically, it would eventually become harder to buy a gift for someone without wondering if that person had already purchased it.

In recent years, there has been an increasing number of companies offering bespoke solutions to address this issue. If you want a personalized mug, for example, that's not a problem - there are plenty of websites for that. Want to order some personalized golf balls? The internet has you covered for those too. In fact, almost any gift item you can think of is likely to have a home for personalization somewhere online.

But what if you're looking for something that's not only classy, but that you can keep, cherish and be proud of for many years to come. What about laser engraved items such as custom wood signs?

At Weaver Custom Engravings we use hand-built, precision laser engraving machines to create items designed to be cherished, where you get to decide everything from the size of the high-quality wood used and the message to be engraved on it, even down to your choice of font, Want a silhouette effect? No problem. We can see to that too. Not only that, you can even send us your own design - including particular images of yours - if that's what you'd like to do.

The fact we are a small, family run business means we can also guarantee that extra personal touch not just in the purchase itself, but in the level of our customer care.

Personalized wood signs make up the bulk of our expertise. They're good for almost any occasion or gift, given that they're heard-wearing, and will not look out of place displayed in anything from the office to the bathroom, but we haven't stopped there.

We also create quirkier items, too, from laser engraved whisks to laser engraved cat collars (yes, really). Items from whisks to whiskers, you might even say! So, really, we're very confident that regardless of the occasion, there's a laser engraved item that will be ideal for you.

Furthermore, if you want to a sign to be used outdoors, we have you covered there too, by adding a waterproof coat to your personalized wood sign should you need it.

So, how does the process of laser engraving work?

Unlike many bespoke gift services that will simply print your message onto your item of choice, laser engraving employs a far more robust (and therefore hard-wearing) process of burning your design permanently into the wood. This means your personalized wood sign (for example) will not only be completely unique, but will show little in the way of wear and tear for many years as there is no chance of the message wiping away or fading - a problem you might experience down the line with ink-based services.

What sort of budget will I need?

With such high-quality workmanship and materials used, you might be wondering just how big a hit a laser engraved item will make to your bank balance. Thankfully, because of our wide range of items, there's something for almost any budget, with our cheapest item (some beautiful - even if we do say so ourselves - fall leaf wood pieces) from just $4.99.

If you have a bigger budget, we have items to suit you too, including our sturdy and secure laser engraved shoe racks.
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