Unforgettable Customized Gifts


Are you looking for gifts to give,
But just can't decide what to choose?
You don't want to start sending gift cards,
Or things you know they won't use.
You want them to know you're thinking of them. Oh, what will you do?
Will it always be so difficult ,
When you wish to give something new?
Not any more!
Now you can go to Weaver Custom Engravings
When you think of engravings, you might think of custom wood signs. And we do laser-engraved wood. Personalized signs, etched wood---
Cutting boards House signs Business signs Plaques
Wait a minute, though. Wood isn't the only thing we engrave. You come to us, suggest something, and we will talk about it.
Want quality, personalized gifts? Consider giving something that will last for years and never be forgotten. Such as---
A beautiful, engraved custom Bible cover
We custom engrave a lot of things! And custom wood signs are only the beginning.

Know someone who would like their very own gloves?--we custom engrave work gloves!
For truckers---yes, we engrave truckers' gloves!
If there is someone in your life who loves to cook, how about a custom engraved rolling pin? Or a custom engraved whisk?
Maybe you are looking for a gift for someone who wants nothing more than to be able to be comfortable and keep their pants up. We custom engrave belts!
You could give a handbag that is custom engraved.
We custom engrave wallets
Does someone have a pet they love? How about giving their best animal friend an engraved collar?
Do you have an idea? Would you like something custom engraved for a gift? Contact us! We love new ideas. Boots, signs, memorials, you come and suggest something. That is why we are Weaver Custom Engravings---because we customize.
And don't worry about spending your way into the poorhouse. We have reasonable prices on everything we do. Save money and buy for more friends and family. Plus, we occasionally have sales. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save, while still giving a quality gift.
Oh, and did we mention that we do children's items also? Ask us about gloves, wallets, posters, and more.
Don't let the holidays get you down. Come to Weaver Custom Engravings and find what you need for everyone on your list, from Grandpa to the great-grandchildren. We have more ideas than we put on our site. We're just waiting to make them come to life for you and your special someones.
"Got these as part of my son's birthday gift. He liked these more than any toys because they had his name on them..."Dillion Neari July 23, 2020
....the gloves are as good as I imagined. Maybe even better. Highly recommend. April October 10, 2020
If you are looking for the perfect gift, and aren't a millionaire (or even if you are) come check out Weaver Custom Engravings. Let us make gift giving fun again!

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