Size Comparison Charts

Many of the items we offer for our customers, the size matters. From our custom wood signs ranging from small to very large, or our 3d prints from small to large like our plastic lettering we offer. Customers love to know sizes, however simply knowing a measurement doesn’t always help in showing the size of something. We have taken the time to put together two different size comparison charts, one for our really small items and one for our items that are a little bit larger. 

We are very hopeful that these charts will help you on choosing the right size item when you go to purchase your product from us. It’s very important to us that you get the right thing, the first time. Especially since our products are mainly made by hand, and they take lots of time to make, it makes it even more important for us to want you to get the right thing the first time! 

From a paper clip, to a bowling pin to a baseball bat, these image charts will hopefully help. Not everything may be exactly the same such as the bat we used may not be the same exact inches as the baseball bat you may have at your home, but we take public information that is standard sizes, which is the data we ended up using so it will be a close estimate to help give you real life ideas of size. The best we can, for you!

16” size comparison chart

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36” size comparison chart

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