Plastic Lettering

Plastic lettering has so many uses, it would be impossible to explain all of them in a single article, it would take a book to do that! Our plastic letters can be used for so many different reasons and have so many different uses, the possibility’s are totally endless. You may even have ideas for our plastic lettering that we have not even thought about yet ourselves, if so, that’s awesome! 

Our plastic letters are 3D printed with high quality, precision machines that we have built ourselves. We have very basic machines that require much more hands on work, but we take great pride in all of our work, and we do a lot of work by hand, and not as much by “just machines” which makes what we do even more special. We have sold many thousands of products and shipped them all over the USA 🇺🇸 and even across the world! 


Our plastic lettering can be used to make plastic lettering signs. Plastic lettering signs are typically made at home by you, the consumer. It helps you get exactly what you want, perfect, the first time, but the hardest part of making the plastic letters is already done. We make the letters for you that you need, then you would fasten or glue them to the sign you have made. Maybe the sign you have is wood, cardboard, plastic, or even the wall. On the walls? Yes, Our plastic lettering can be used for walls pretty easily. You take our plastic lettering for the walls you have in mind and you can secure them to the wall with some Velcro or other kind of picture hanger adhesive material. Since these are plastic, not only are they lightweight and easy to hang, but they will last forever!
We look forward to being able to make custom plastic letters just for you and your project. If you have any questions at all, please do reach out to us, we would be happy to answer your questions! Our custom plastic lettering is typically priced based upon the size and thickness of the letters. If you are looking for basic style plastic letting or you are looking for script style font plastic lettering, we should be able to help you out, and make it happen! We look forward to helping make your plastic letters for you! 

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