Design & Engrave Anything, is what Weaver Custom Engravings can do. When given a possible task, they can almost always accomplish the task, even when others have declined. They are most well known for the custom wood signs, and by custom, they make their wood signs from scratch. From start to finish, from the raw lumber to the finished product, it is all made by them. Many engraving businesses are limited to a handful of fonts, some or no images, and set to very standard size of pre cut wood found in your local Walmart craft section. Weaver Custom Engravings is able to use nearly any font, that is available on Windows, they can use any black and white image (no grey scale), and they can make nearly any shape wood sign, even a weird shape! They have made some weird shapes that have been requested! 

weird custom engravings

Weaver Custom Engravings can handle your request, large or small. They are a small, family ran business, right here in the USA. Support small business! If you are wanting to purchase 50 pair of our custom gloves as a gift for your employees, or a custom bible for new Christian that gets baptized at your church, or a custom engraved sign that has something on it that you could never find anywhere else, Weaver Custom Engravings is who you are looking for.

The Weavers are known for top notch customer service, you will never have the need to chat with a robot, or go through any automated phone service to get some help. They will typically respond within 24 hours during a normal business day, sometimes even on the weekends. You can email them by visiting the contact page here for custom requests, or you can message them on their Facebook page as well. 

best customer service weaver custom engravings

By laser engraving your name, initials, or any other text into gifts, you are giving them a unique touch that will never be forgotten. Also, a gift that no one else will find anywhere else! 



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