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Custom wood signs is what we do best, it is the love of creating, making, & finishing wood signs is what started our entire business. There are many companies out there that can signs, but we are unique in the way that we create your design for you in the cost of your sign, with your design and font choice as well as silhouette style images will be 100% what you are looking for! Our signs are made from real wood. A real human from our family can interact with you to help you get what you are needing. 

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We take great pride in making our custom wood signs because from the very first sign we made, the first machine we built, the first design we created, all made up to who we are, now years later & thousands of happy customers later. 
Custom wood sign

We are not a massive company, we are a family ran business and we like to make that one on one human connection with our customers to get you exactly what you are looking for. Our personalized wood signs are made just for you, and there will never be a unique wood sign like yours ever.
Our signs are made from real, high quality wood. We do not use cheap plywood or thin brittle fake wood. Our signs are typically 3/4” thick from solid wood. We look forward to helping you make your very own custom personalized wood sign soon! If you have any questions reach out to us! Don’t forget to check out our awesome selection of custom items we make which includes our most popular wood signs - see you soon! 

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