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Are you on the hunt looking for a custom gift to give to a couple that is about to get married or to newlyweds? This is something that many are constantly looking for on every single day of the year. While there might be specific times of the year when most are looking for wedding themed gifts, there is weddings and anniversaries taking place on every single day of the year. 

The question is, if I am looking to purchase a wedding gift, what the heck do I get? Should I go to Walmart and buy a pot & pan set that 10 other family friends have already purchased for them? Should I get them a cheesy card with flowers that will die? Oh I know!! - I should purchase them a major appliance like a refrigerator by taking out a small loan! NOT! So WHAT THE HECK do I buy them? 
Custom wedding vows wood sign

You should start by thinking outside of the box, what is a gift idea that there is a high chance that no one else will get them? What is a good gift idea that will be 100% one of a kind and unique to the husband and wife you are looking for a gift for? What is something that won’t require a small loan to purchase? 

CUSTOMIZED gifts of course! You could purchase them a wood sign with their vows engraved on there, you could purchase the groom a customized leather belt and the bride a custom cooking utensil, do they like to work outside? Maybe you can purchase them a pair of matching leather work gloves. The possibilities are endless, especially when you customize these items. The problem is - where do I get something like this? To get customized items don’t you have to purchase a minimum quantity of like 4 billion and wait two months for them to arrive from China?
Cheap wedding gift customized  

I have an answer for you - Weaver Custom Engravings is here to save the day! We have made many thousand personalized wedding gifts for people all across the United States for years! Our typically handling times are only about a week, our items won’t require you to spend big bucks, and best of all - they are customized so no one else will buy them the same customized gift idea that you have in mind - that’s a fact! While everyone else is at the big box store looking for some bland gift that everyone buys, you are here thinking smart! 
Love personalized wedding gift

Here at Weaver Custom Engravings we make customized wood signs, that is what we are known for! We have made love letter engraved signs, vows engraved on signs, poems engraved and much more! If you have an idea we can make it come to life just for you - from our family made with love to yours! 
We hope we get the chance to help you out! Make sure to check out our online catalog here on our website to see all the neat stuff we make! If you have any questions, reach out to us - we are ready to work for you! 

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