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Our customized bibles are one of our custom engraved items that we greatly treasure. We started engraving leather bibles in 2019, not knowing if they would be as popular as our other items we engrave, but not long after introducing the customized bibles to the public they began to sell and we started receiving good feedback very quickly about how special our personalized bibles are. 

We have since engraved many leather bibles for our happy customers. By doing this, we are taking a very important part of many Christians lives, and helping to make it even more special, as much as we can. Freedom of religion is awesome, one of the best parts about being an American. By being Christians ourselves, we wanted to start offering something that relates to us, just like we offer many patriotic American items. We like to do this because everyone has things in their life that is very special to them, we want to take things that are special to us, in ways we can relate to our customers to create awesome things, and by that item being special to us, we know how to make it special for you too! 

We have offered a few different styles of leather bibles, as I am writing this, we are currently in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic. Finding good quality bibles to engrave that aren’t to expensive (for our customers to want to buy as gifts) has become very hard. Prices have increased a lot and many manufacturers of many items including bibles have fallen way behind, which then in turn effects us and our customers. We have tried to go above and beyond this year (2020) to continue to find these quality bibles we laser engraved custom for our customers, even when it’s challenging, or we are paying even higher prices. We still try our best to get our customers quality, customized items as affordable as possible. 

We hope as soon as this horrible pandemic is gone, we will be able to have a higher stock of bibles as we did before so we can customize and ship our bibles to our customers as fast as we could last year (2019)
So, if you are looking for a quality, custom gift for a Christian, someone that has recently been saved & baptized, birthday gift & so many more reasons, you have found the right business to help make this happen for you! We take great pride in our personalized bibles and other custom items and we invite you to check out our awesome selection of what our family business has to offer from our family to your family! We hope to help you soon! Let us know if you need any help or have any questions. God bless!
-Daxon Weaver 

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